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Yeast Related Problem for Muscle Soreness and Eating So Much After Worked Out

A friend was having a problem which she is wondering if this could be yeast related problem and if I have had shared the same problems. When she goes to the gym, mainly if she does cardio, when she finish, even if it is not too hard of a workout, all the muscles in her legs feel like they are gasping for air. They throb all over, but not as one big throb; it is like little inch sized ripples all over. When she gets that way, she also feels absolutely ravenous and can’t think of anything but shoving food of any kind into her body. It feels really awful and at the end of it she feels like going to gym was waste of time since it makes her feel horrible instead of better and healthier. Read more..

Yeast Problems With Belly Button After Biting On Cakes

Lately, a friend noticed her belly button is quite red and the tissue looks slightly swollen, which she suspects as one of the yeast problems. The rest of her abdomen is of pale color (which is normal for her). She also notices a small patch of skin under her armpit looks red and itches a bit. Read more..

Yeast Problems Connection With Hyperthyroid Problems

A friend just learned that she is hyperthyroid, and when she was doing research on the website, she saw that yeast problems have a link to thyroid. She guesses what she is wondering is if anyone knows if that includes hyperthyroid problems or it is only connected to hypo thyroid. She also wonders if I had all my fillings removed, what type of fillings I got instead. Read more..

What Happened If You Are Cheating With the Candida Diet Foods

Someone I know was asking me about candida diet foods. She said that the cook in her family doesn’t eat or cook meat, so they have a lot of soy products in the house. Unfortunately, soy counts mostly bad on candida sufferers. Her question is what will happen if you are trying to clean your body out and sticking to the no wheat/dairy/sugar plan and then just lose it and have cake or something not quite as bad, but has coffee and soy. She wants to know if that means you are back to where you started in your plan to get rid of the yeast. Read more..

Taking a Bite On Some Candida Diet Fruit Will It Set Me Back?

Someone was wondering if it is okay to have some candida diet fruit 1 or 2 times a day. Her main symptom is vaginal burning (along with others). She has totally been avoiding the refined sugars, etc, and limiting her carbs. To certain things, she cannot seem to stay away from a little fruit. Also, she is sure she knows the answer to this, but her husbands birthday is tomorrow, which makes her wonders if it will set her back a lot if she steals even a small slice or a bite. She is making it all from scratch and it is just not fair that she can’t even taste her masterpiece. She also wonders if coconut is ok to eat. Read more..